Equality: That famous con-job

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Gender equality has been a hot button issue for decades and all these years later it is still a topic that elicits some harsh emotional responses. In our day-to-day lives many of us are forced to grapple with this issue as some of us have taken on this issue as their cause and will never let us for one minute forget that, according to them, “grave inequalities still exist in our society”. In our attempts as a society to make things a little more equitable for one gender we may have gone a bit overboard and over compensated to the detriment of another gender. The fact is, total equality is a Utopian ideal, it exists as a myth and is one of the greatest deceptions of our time.  Continue reading “Equality: That famous con-job”


(Un)reality TV….Your Ticket To Stardom

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It would seem that the more advanced the world gets is the greater the degree of shrinkage of our collective attention spans. It is easier to travel across continents, span the universe and communicate in various languages than it is to get somebody to actually sit and focus on something for longer than 5 minutes.  As such all the things which we have grown to love and enjoy have now been re-packaged  into bite size chunks requiring very little brain power to appreciate. Attention deficit disorder (ADD) has to be at epidemic stage by now and it seems that concentration on any one thing is a thing of the past. There is no greater example of this than the existence of  “reality” TV.
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Generation Y – The Instant Gratification Generation



I have always on some level felt that the way I saw things and the lessons learnt from my experiences were far different from those around me and as time progressed this notion became even more apparent. In more recent times my initial assessment has been both confirmed and broadened. I realized that the experiences, value system and world view of my generation is far different from those younger than us. This was highlighted in a recent conversation with members of the generation preceding mine…..a generation which I had previously fooled myself into thinking that I understood and could relate to, boy was I mistaken.

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Maybe you’re the problem


An essential part of  figuring out why things happen is understanding the law of averages. If you’ve been in a hundred relationships or been on a hundred dates and they’ve either all ended up with you being cheated on, or none of them have ever lasted, It’s probably time that you realize that you may be the problem. I always find it hilarious that women who have all these meaningless relationships come out of all of them blaming the men. “Men aint shit”, “there’s no good man out there” etc. At no time have they ever stopped to simply consider the possibility that it may be them that is the problem. If you’ve been wronged in so many relationships or betrayed by so many so-called friends then maybe there’s something about YOU that needs to be changed. Continue reading “Maybe you’re the problem”

My rook takes your queen

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Through various conversations with countless people regarding sex and matters of the heart, the only logical conclusion to draw is that in some instances relationships and dating are a lot like chess. The object being to gain power by breaking down your opponents defences and maintaining said power throughout the lifespan of the relationship.  It is quite obvious that after a certain age / level of maturity it becomes more about wanting to settle down and grow with someone special, and less of a game but there is still the tendency to observe keenly, ponder ones next move and strike only when it appears favourable to do so. For those of us who are free single and disengaged making the right moves at the right time is essential to our survival in the game, as the wrong move made at the wrong time could result in utter catastrophe. After years of watching my more skilled friends who are better adept at navigating the various intricacies of the game I came to realize that the single most important thing to remember is to play by the rules.

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Bros before hoes…….sometimes

I definitely need to run a survey about this one day, but how many of you would bang your friends significant other….or even their ex? This is a question that I was asked recently and the conversation that resulted was interesting to say the least. What makes this such a controversial topic is the fact that among most circles of friends there are these unwritten and unspoken “rules” of friendship. Close friends are usually heavily involved or immersed in each others lives to some degree and generally the extent to which friends are apart of each others lives is affected by the closeness of their friendship. These unspoken”rules” of friendship serve as a source of protection since, for some, the more they open up to someone and share with them is the more vulnerable they might feel. To protect our vulnerability from being  gravely exploited we create these rules or barriers for our own safety.  Problems arise when friendships develop among people who do not necessarily live by the same friendship rules resulting in shock, horror and sometimes verbal and physical confrontation.  Thus is the nature of things I guess, and one could probably chalk it all up to human nature. It is what it is Continue reading “Bros before hoes…….sometimes”

Feminism, as pointless as a thing without a point

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I just engaged in a lengthy conversation with a female friend, self-proclaimed feminist and occasional soap box stander upper on (or whatever) where she vehemntly bemoaned the state of women in modern society blah blah blah. Words like “chauvinist”, “sexist” and phrases like “male dominated” seem to litter the conversation like used boxes of cake soap at a Vybz Kartel party. I will admit, she appeared to have at the very least some amount of intelligence and her arguments were somewhat logical (in a female sort of way). What got to me was the phrase “male-defined value judgments about everything”, which of course she repeated….more than once, Then mumbled some gibberish about systems of male-defined hegemony. It was at this point that I realized that all present forms of this type of bullshit had to end. Continue reading “Feminism, as pointless as a thing without a point”